Wrong vs. Right – about genuine parts and watches

It´s not everytime “not genuine” if some parts are not the same as shown in catalogues or the same like on other watches.

Best example is the “Prototype Autavia Skipper” – often the buyer had the chance to assemble his watch from the stock – bezel and strap or bracelet of course, sometimes hands too.

Here are some “unusual” Skipper models with different parts on it. And please – there are not even “Fakes”, there are possibly some parts unusual and sometimes you never know…

But you can find from time to time Skipper was built together with parts from different Skipper. As far we have seen a 15640 blue Skipper with black dial as shown in Example 3, there was a 1564 blue Skipper with a black dial last time on a german dealersite too and you find often wrong hands and bezels on the Skipper (black Autavia bezels fits perfect on a Skipper – but are wrong there).

(Please compare with other watches at the gallery!)

Example 1: First a very nice 7754 Skipperera. All original but the orange hands are never seen on a Carrera (and on a Skipper 7754).
Shouldn´t be the hands of metal? But these orange looks nice and are often used by later Heuer (Autavia) – but then they need to have other dimensions… so it´s an open questen already.

7754 with wrong main hands

7754 with different main hands

Example 2: the plexi on this nice 73464 is a domed one, but:
the “normally” used glass for the 73463 cases was a plexi with an edge. We have to proof that. For example: early manual Autavias 2446 compression case got a domed glass instead of the edged ones on later editions…

73464 with possibly wrong glass (domed without edge)?

73464 with possibly wrong glass (domed without edge)?

Example 3: This stunning Skipper have a 11063V case – so it should be a “black late” Skipper. But normally there is a black dial – will fit with the white hands and the black bezel.

15640 with black late case 11063V) - wrong dial (blue instead of black)

15640 with black late case 11063V) – wrong dial (blue instead of black)?

You know deeper facts or got other examples? Please write a message!

What else is around? Some hints for looking if all is right on your wanted Skipper:

Dials, case & bezel
There are some Skipper with wrong dials for the used case – black dials in case of blue Skipper, blue dials in the later case for the black Skipper.
The bezels are different. On the fist Skipper (Valjoux 73464) man can find bezel without the dot on the 12, all other should have one.
Most aftermarket bezel inlays don´t hava a dot!

Follow the rule: look in the Skipper Grid first, compare your Skipper with the models of case references.
Then have a look at this on the calibre 15 Skipper: blue dial needs a blue bezel & black dial needs a black bezel!


The color can be faded out. But – please compare with the right series in the gallery. Mostly should be orange ones. The Lumen will never shine green – thats new lumen.
Calibre 15 Skipper rule here: blue Skipperdials needs orange hands & black Skipperdials needs white hands.

Pushers and crowns
Wrong pushers you can find (round ones) and: have a look at the crown, all crowns on Skipper should be signed with the Heuer shield!

Have a look if there the right plexiglasses with the edge in the Skipper (73464 and 1564) – round domed ones are wrong!

On the first look you will find a signed bridge. But: try at first the countdown – the right movement counts the right time! There are guys selling Skipper with a wrong movement, means a wrong minute-wheel. The right one have 2 pins!