So – what is a Heuer Skipper?

skipper_15640_400This site will collect and show the facts of the HEUER Skipper – the yachting wrist chronograph made by Heuer from the late 1960s to the early 1980s in various configurations (and some more yachting watches).

The special function on this watche is  the regatta-timer, a subdial which shows the countdown of 15 minutes the sailors have  before they cross the starting line of a regatta.

After labeling the Aquastar Regate 4000N with the Heuershield in the middle of the 1960s the real first regatta timer as a wristwatch produced by HEUER was given the name  Heuer Skipper. It was housed in the 1960’s Carrera case reference 7753.  All further executions were housed in the Autavia cases and included the case reference 7763 Compressor case (Skipper 7764), 73463 (Skipper 73464), 1163V/1564 (Skipper 1564), 15640/11630 (Skipper 15640 blue and later black dial) and 11063 (Skipper 15640 black late). It is worth knowing that the Skipper reference codes were uniqe and did not correspond to the case reference number eg the first automatic Skipper reference 1564 was housed in a 1163V engraved case.

I have complied a list of details of the different  models of the Skipper available here. Please feel free to contact me if you have different views or you can add further informations.

Please be patient – this is a work in progress and it needs time to put all the information on a website – so be sticky because the website will be updated every time with new discoveries.

Read more about the history and the series of Yachting and Tide Watches from Heuer… there are Heuer Solunar – Heuer Mareographe – Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer – Heuer Yachting Timer – Heuer Skipper – Heuer Carrera Yachting and the late Heuer Regatta!

Kelek – the other Seaboard Yacht

As known from the site about the Seaboard-Yacht series there is the Kelek with the labeled dial “Champ Europe 5.5 JI Neuchatel 1968”.

This one above was found in Switzerland.

Last week there was another one auctioned in UK and fortunately with a nice story behind, you can read here.

Update 12/2017 of finding another one – but thats not really good news…

Another nice collection of yachting watches

There is another cool guy being influenced 😉

Well done, mate! Love all of them, the Carrera 1153 SN is one of the most rare and nice of the later Carreras.

credit: @livelargelivefast

Buyers beware on this Memosails… better have a closer look before buy!

Memosail Regatta Mens Chronograph Valjoux 7737 Rare 38mm Yachting Watch

It hurts my eyes to see this re-plated and glossy cases.
The dials and hands looks very good but these cases are never came glossy like that. You can have a look here how they should be.

So well – if you are a glossy case fan… you can do it. If you like genuine and honest watches take a closer look.

Here are the auctions: silver Memosail and gold Memosail.


Buyers beware on this two Skipper… better have a closer look before buy!

Two questionable Skippers on the market right now, maybe you want to have a closer look.

First will come on Watches of knightsbridge in September, 16th.


credit: Watches of knightsbridge

Personal opinion: Yes, kind of rare with a test dial. Or how WoK says: “WITH VERY RARE OVER PAINTED HEUER SHIELD DIAL

Hodinkee Skipper – interview with Louis Westphalen to get some more details

The new Skipper Limited Edition from TAG Heuer and Hodinkee – some more informations from an interview with Louis Westphalen from Hodinkee, the project man behind this Skipper.

Story short again:

It was the 21 of June 2017, the message runs through the world like a flash – in the break in the middle of a Christies auction with some nice Heuer watches that many members of the watchfamily followed.

What was it? A new Skipper as hommage of the Heuer Skipper 7754 aka „Skipperera“ was offered for 5.900 US$ from
All the facts about the watch you can download here the original press release.

It was very surprising, especially after the words „We´ve moved away from yachting.“ from the French Headquarter in Paris they said to a friend. And we heard Mr. Biver said after the Hodinkee Skipper launch, that no further plans exists. But ok, if money can be earned, it may turn this.

There are some details that might be interesting for you we found out in a talk with Louis Westphalen, the project leader for the Limited Edition Skipper for Hodinkee.

Beautiful pic of an outstanding collection

credit: thien_chrobar

What we have here?

Heuer Regatta – Heuer Skipper 7764 – Lemania Regatta – Hodinkee Skipper Date

Yema Yachtingraf 7730 – Heuer Skipper 15640 black late – Yema Yachtingraf Regate jumbo “straight lugs”

Gallet Yachting – Gallet Yachting black

Crazy collection that is not easy to bring together. Congrats on this colorful and rare collection!

The Skipperera returns. As a sibling: Skipper Date.

credit: Louis

With a big bang Hodinkee brought back the Skipper to us – let´s call it the new “Skipper Date”.

From the first look – it looks cool!

But it will cost 5.900 US$ (really high price!) and it is limited to 125 pieces. A nobrainer? If you have the money – yes!

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