So – what is a Heuer Skipper?

skipper_15640_400This site will collect and show the facts of the HEUER Skipper – the yachting wrist chronograph made by Heuer from the late 1960s to the early 1980s in various configurations (and some more yachting watches).

The special function on this watche is  the regatta-timer, a subdial which shows the countdown of 15 minutes the sailors have  before they cross the starting line of a regatta.

After labeling the Aquastar Regate 4000N with the Heuershield in the middle of the 1960s the real first regatta timer as a wristwatch produced by HEUER was given the name  Heuer Skipper. It was housed in the 1960’s Carrera case reference 7753.  All further executions were housed in the Autavia cases and included the case reference 7763 Compressor case (Skipper 7764), 73463 (Skipper 73464), 1163V/1564 (Skipper 1564), 15640/11630 (Skipper 15640 blue and later black dial) and 11063 (Skipper 15640 black late). It is worth knowing that the Skipper reference codes were uniqe and did not correspond to the case reference number eg the first automatic Skipper reference 1564 was housed in a 1163V engraved case.

I have complied a list of details of the different  models of the Skipper available here. Please feel free to contact me if you have different views or you can add further informations.

Please be patient – this is a work in progress and it needs time to put all the information on a website – so be sticky because the website will be updated every time with new discoveries.

Read more about the history and the series of Yachting and Tide Watches from Heuer… there are Heuer Solunar – Heuer Mareographe – Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer – Heuer Yachting Timer – Heuer Skipper – Heuer Carrera Yachting and the late Heuer Regatta!

Brielle 85 Yachting Collection


And we are see another nice collection of yachting vintage watches from Brielle 85 you can see here. Nice Skipper, lovely Sabina, Yema, Enicar, Yachting, Relida and a Seamaster with Yachting bezel. Great collection! Thanks so much for showing it.

Uber Rare Gallet Black Yachting Dial is missing on shipping to UK

credit: t_chrobar IG

Please have an eye for this lost dial if it pops up somewhere and let our friend Thien (IG t_chrobar | mail know when you see it and you will receive an REWARD! It is too rare to be sold again.

There are only a handful of watches with a black yachting dial made by Gallet, you can see the execution here.

Unfortunately there is a dial lost on the way from Germany to the UK with REGISTERED MAIL via DHL and then ROYAL MAIL. Unbelievable but true.

Abel, we have to rescue a Skipper!


There are two opinions in handle a rough weared vintage watch – leave it as it is: full weared with broken glass, round smoothed edges on the case and crumbled lumen on the hands and dial or do a full case refurbish and some cosmetical operations with care to fix the state and have a well looking vintage watch. Of course that depends on the condition and the own demand.

You always want to see how an Autavia case looks during the refurbishing? Here we go…

Homage interpretation of a Seafarer 2446

What you can do if you adore an unicorn watch you will never find? One possibility is shown here.

In this case there were some original parts: original movement and tidal disk and hands. The case is a modified from LeJour v72. Basically Heuer and Yema cases are interchangeable with bezels as well, it seems they were made by the same casemaker. (need to be researched, possible HF, but no record of later casemaker for Heuer since no stamping inside the caseback but in that period there were only few casemakers for most brands which mainly by Charles Spillman and Huguenin Freres)

In the case is drilled a hole for the tide pusher and needs a cut a slot on the movement retaining ring for the pusher clearance.

The last part -and the most important because never one was found alone- is the dial. In this case two different were made new: one in white and one in metall brush.

Nice project and thanks for all the infos to our friend T.!

Please note: the owner never let any doubt on the provenance of this watch, he always said that it´s not a genuine one. Only seen as a homage of a Seafarer because there were a movement found to use!

Another fan of yachting watches show a table full of nice gems

credit: subsea57

Some hard to find and nice ones are here to see – LeJour Croisiere SUPER two times!, the Yema Yachtingraf Croisiere, the rare Nivada Grenchen Yachting, Thermidor “Yachtingraf”-Lookalike, very nice Skippper 73464 and the rare 1564 Skipper and two nice ones with Regatta dial and knots inner bezel. And a Monnat 😉 But these are not the only ones… More to see in the Collections section here.

The most rare Skipper?

Always asked: how many Skipper are out there? Nobody knows exactly, but here are how many from every execution are known till now.

updated: 29.03.2018

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