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The Skipperrera

The very first Skipper.

Carrera 7753 case.
Built only in 1968.
The green, the blue!


Autavia Skipper

The coolest Skipper.

Autavia 7763 compressor case.
Built only in 1969.
Classic beauty.
Autavia Skipper.

73464 1st

Manual Skipper

Dial beauty Skipper.

Manual wind, plexi,
Wonderful blue.
Balanced dial.
Bright orange details.

73464 2nd

Manual Skipper

Another case.

Different case and
different order of colors
on countdown to the 1st exec.
Rare. Cool.


The Automatic Skipper

Cal15, plexi.

1563 case
The automatic and lightweight
beauty Skipper.

15640 blue

The Mineral Glass Skipper


15630 case
Mineral glass.
First 11630 Autavia line

15640 black

The Black Skipper

black dial.

15630 case
Mineral glass.
Black gilt dial.
Rare in the 11630
Autavia line cases.

black late

The Late Black Skipper

black dial.

15063 case
Bezel inner ring.
Mineral glass.
Black gilt dial.
Last Skipper made by Heuer.

Easy-Rider 1st

The Leonidas Skipper


fibreglass case
EB 8420 modified mvt.

Easy-Rider 2nd

The Leonidas Skipper


white-blue-red regatta register
fibreglass case
EB 8420 modified mvt.

So – what is a Heuer Skipper?

This site is the ultimate reference website and knowledge collection of the HEUER Yachting and Regatta watches.  The Heuer Skipper is the yachting wrist chronograph made by Heuer from the late 1960s to the early 1980s in various configurations (and some more yachting watches). With the blue and black dial and the colorful regatta-dial and orange hands it is one of the most cool and beautiful watches [...]

The most rare Skipper? How many Skipper we know in total?

Always asked: how many Skipper are out there? Nobody knows exactly, but here are how many from every execution are known or seen till today. Please - I am not sure about the real numbers, I put all in I have ever seen - without knowing the way they did through a sale or trade etc. So the real number might be slight different and smaller [...]

A crazy rare vintage Skipper 73464 2nd exec in the pool? Yes!

Look at this pic. Abel took a very rare 73464 2nd exec after the service and pressure test in the pool. Crazy but the Skipper is still alive! Thanks for sharing the pic! This is interesting because this 2nd exec 73464 (late) has an early dial installed - not the white-blue-red! All in all a phantastic Skipper in a crazy nice shape for a watch that is [...]

Uber Rare Gallet Black Yachting Dial is missing on shipping to UK

credit: t_chrobar IG Please have an eye for this lost dial if it pops up somewhere and let our friend Thien (IG t_chrobar | mail t@chrobar.com) know when you see it and you will receive an REWARD! It is too rare to be sold again. There are only a handful of watches with a black yachting dial made by Gallet, you can see the execution [...]

Abel, we have to rescue a Skipper!

There are two opinions in handle a rough weared vintage watch – leave it as it is: full weared with broken glass, round smoothed edges on the case and crumbled lumen on the hands and dial or do a full case refurbish and some cosmetical operations with care to fix the state and have a well looking vintage watch. Of course that depends on the condition and [...]

Homage interpretation of a Seafarer 2446

What you can do if you adore an unicorn watch you will never find? One possibility is shown here. In this case there were some original parts: original movement and tidal disk and hands. The case is a modified from LeJour v72. Basically Heuer and Yema cases are interchangeable with bezels as well, it seems they were made by the same casemaker. (need to be researched, possible [...]

Another fan of yachting watches show a table full of nice gems

credit: subsea57 Some hard to find and nice ones are here to see - LeJour Croisiere SUPER two times!, the Yema Yachtingraf Croisiere, the rare Nivada Grenchen Yachting, Thermidor "Yachtingraf"-Lookalike, very nice Skippper 73464 and the rare 1564 Skipper and two nice ones with Regatta dial and knots inner bezel. And a Monnat 😉 But these are not the only ones... More to see in [...]

Color segment subdials for using as regatta / yachting watches

In the 60s and 70s were produced loads of watches for multipurposes - including colored segments on the right subdial for showing 5/10/15 minutes which are necessairy to use the watch for a regatta start. Which brands did yachtings and regatta watches? A LOT! Read here a little post about these watches. But - it´s just a start... 😉

Kelek – the other Seaboard Yacht

As known from the site about the Seaboard-Yacht series there is the Kelek with the labeled dial “Champ Europe 5.5 JI Neuchatel 1968”. This one above was found in Switzerland. Last week there was another one auctioned in UK and fortunately with a nice story behind, you can read here. Update 12/2017 of finding another one – but thats not really good news… […]

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