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Heuer Skipper 7754 Skipperrera

Heuer Skipper 7754

The Skipperrera

The very first Skipper.

Carrera 7753 case.
Built only in 1968.
The green, the blue!

Heuer Skipper 7764

Heuer Skipper 7764

Autavia Skipper

The coolest Skipper.

Autavia 7763 compressor case.
Built only in 1969.
Classic beauty.
Autavia Skipper.

Heuer Skipper 1564

Heuer Skipper 73464 1st

Manual Skipper

Dial beauty Skipper.

Manual wind, plexi,
Wonderful blue.
Balanced dial.
Bright orange details.

Heuer Skipper 73464 2nd Exec.

Heuer Skipper 73464 2nd

Manual Skipper

Another case.

Different case and
different order of colors
on countdown to the 1st exec.
Rare. Cool.

Heuer Skipper 1564

Heuer Skipper 1564

The Automatic Skipper

Cal15, plexi.

1563 case
The automatic and lightweight
beauty Skipper.

Heuer Skipper 15640 blue

Heuer Skipper 15640 blue

The Mineral Glass Skipper


15630 case
Mineral glass.
First 11630 Autavia line

Heuer Skipper Black

Heuer Skipper 15640 black

The Black Skipper

black dial.

15630 case
Mineral glass.
Black gilt dial.
Rare in the 11630
Autavia line cases.

Heuer Skipper Black Late

Heuer Skipper black late

The Late Black Skipper

black dial.

15063 case
Bezel inner ring.
Mineral glass.
Black gilt dial.
Last Skipper made by Heuer.

Leonidas Easy Rider Skipper 1st exec

Leonidas Easy-Rider 1st

The Leonidas Skipper


fibreglass case
EB 8420 modified mvt.

Leonidas Easy-Rider Skipper 2nd exec

Leonidas Easy-Rider 2nd

The Leonidas Skipper


white-blue-red regatta register
fibreglass case
EB 8420 modified mvt.

So – what is a Heuer Skipper?

This site is the ultimate reference website and knowledge collection of the HEUER Yachting and Regatta watches.  The Heuer Skipper is the yachting wrist chronograph made by Heuer from the late 1960s to the early 1980s in various configurations (and some more yachting watches). With the blue and black dial and the colorful regatta-dial and orange hands it is one of the most cool and beautiful watches [...]

The most rare Skipper? How many Skipper we know in total?

Always asked: how many Skipper are out there? Nobody knows exactly, but here are how many from every execution are known or seen till today since the last 15 years. Please - I am not 100% sure about the real numbers, I put all in I have ever seen - without knowing the way of ALL where they going through a sale or trade etc - [...]

Amazing – Skipper 7764 weared by a team member and Aquastar Regate on the wrist of the Team of British Prime Minister in 1971

Crazy found, thanks to Nico! On this pic we can see the British Prime Minister Edward Heath (1916 - 2005, centre) and the crew of his racing yacht Morning Cloud, circa August 1971. (Photo by Terence Spencer/Popperfoto via Getty Images)The Prime Minister seems wearing a Aquastar Heuer Regate with Felsa 4000n as we know on the Intrepid crew and the guy we need to get known [...]

Heuer Skipper prices and market – some thoughts

Well well well... whats up with the "market"? Whats up with the Skipperprices? Whats on the market.... 15 pieces on chrono24 last week: 2x 1564 | 2x 73462 1st | 73462 2nd | 8 black 15640 (6 blacklate) - and too crazy prices Skipperreras. credit:chrono24 It shows the "standard market" - the most known are the 11063 case black late Skipper, there are popping [...]

Vintagemodernstuff Collection of Yachtings

  And another member of the watchfam with good taste for beautiful yachtings. Check out here on this collection page covering only the yachting watches he has. AMAZING! Thanks for showing!

The new TAG Heuer Skipper…. my 2 cents

Because not many from the Heuer crowd saying a word about it and some are asking for my feelings about, here are my thoughts. To bring it in the line, first check Jeffs Post about the "Five New TAG Heuer Carrera Chronographs for 2023" here. You will see the series of new Carreras, same dial layouts and case/pusher. Then check the new Skipper. Maybe here: tagheuer.com - [...]

Neutrino14s Collection of Yachtings

  There is a page of @Neutrino14s collection of beautiful yachtings. Check out here on this collection page covering only the yachting watches he has. AMAZING! Thanks for showing!

Habring2 ChronoSport Nautic – new watch with the charme of a Vintage Yachting

HABRING²  - a young couple, Maria and Richard Habring, started a watchmaker business in 2003 in Austria. Maria was born near Dresden and they met in the Glashütte Watch Valley as Richard works for Lange Watches. The brand was named HABRING² in 2004 and since then they produced many nice watches in very limited number of pieces. credit: habring2.com Habrings build first 2 prototypes for [...]

Heuer Logo Printing Tool for dials discovered – and telling something new!

How amazing is that discovery made by Cenic Watches? A printing tool for printing Logos and lines on dials for Heuer. It seems that the Heuershield, A&F, Meister, Gübelin and Sternzeit Reguliert were printed in the Heuer factory on demand, 40 cliches came with the tool, mostly all that Heuer ever used. How crazy! So whats new? Printing dials for Meister etc and also just plain [...]

Certina Chronolympic Regatta

The case is not the burner but with the fancy colorful dial and a Valjoux 72 as a kind of 3 hand design (no no - there are 4 main hands!!) it is one of the coolest 70s Regatta-Rockers. credit: hashtagwatchco.com >>> read more about these funky 70s yachting watch here!

How to change a bezel?

Change a bezel on an Autavia or Skipper To replace a bezel is very essy if you follow some tricks: - inspect closely the slot betwesn the lower part of the bezel and the sunburst of the case: usually there is a point where the bezel sits a bit higher and there is a bit of light between them - there I put a thin [...]

The “sandy” Skipperrera

From time to time we see dials with patina. Some patina looks just "no way" but some - like this paintless wonder - looks amazing. Look what a guy from Australia found: a really rare FAB.SUISSE (3 known!) Heuer Skipperrera 7754! Thanks to Clarke for the infos and pictures, this is definitely a watch to wear!

Aquastar Regate 1st exec Service

After found a very rare early 1st execution Aquastar Regate with Felsa 4000N in the "container case" a service was needed. So sent to THE man for these kind of watches - Richard Askham in the UK.  He did all well and tried hard to fix the pusher, that doesn´t switch back to zero not perfect from time to time but he was "beaten by the [...]

Amazing 2446 Screwcase Seafarer on Sotheby´s

8 hours to go and this amazing Seafarer is on 75k US$ plus premium on the actual Sothebys auction you can find here. Update: this amazing watch is sold for 94,5k US$ (79k€) plus premium! Dang! One of the crazy value auctions we have seen, the highest value of the 2446 first exec Autavia with full lumen hands is not reached but this auction plays in the [...]

Gallet Black Yachting on eBay

There ended a Gallet Yachting with black dial, an rare bird on eBay last night. Sold for 3.750US$ to a ebay-profile with 0 rating. Aha. Now again on eBay. Soso. Text of the seller " Good size (same 36mm as Heuer Carrera) , solid stainless steel which means it will never brass or or chip. Dial is amazing with very few flaws, from what I can [...]


Many years ago as I started researching the Yachting Wristwatches I met online Hervé, known in the french forums as Dundee, on IG he is @Dundee64. We texted and mailed a lot about the different executions of Yachtingrafs and he sourced some to me as I sourced some to him. Over the years we talked always from time to time about this and that and watches. [...]

Aquastar Regate with Felsa 4000N – found an amazing 1st execution

We know the nice early Aquastar Regate with Felsa 4000N special modified movement as the queen of the 5 dots, branded with Heuer for the 1967 Amercia´s Cup Race with INTREPID. Till now I didn´t recognise that we can see 2 executions of that. Big thanks to Pete, who is writing a book about Aquastar with a chapter for the Regattas. He pointed me on that and [...]