1564 vs. 15640

Here you can see the differences between the 1564 and the 15640 Skipper. ok at the crown and the pushers and the polishing of the cases!

1564 vs. 15640

1564 vs. 15640: look at the facettes on the horns.


1564 vs. 15640: look at the crowns and the facettes over.


1564 vs. 15640: they look fantastic on Straps made by Guiliano!


1564 vs. 15640: absolut wearable on steel too! To explain: normally the GF BoR should be on the 1564 with plexi and the plated bracelet fits the 15640 mineral Autavia/Skipper by age and selling opportunities. But it works both as you can see. Hands on the 1564 are service hands, yo can see that on the half white paint.