There ended a Gallet Yachting with black dial, an rare bird on eBay last night. Sold for 3.750US$ to a ebay-profile with 0 rating. Aha.

Now again on eBay. Soso.

Text of the seller
” Good size (same 36mm as Heuer Carrera) , solid stainless steel which means it will never brass or or chip. Dial is amazing with very few flaws, from what I can tell.  Hands appear original from what I can tell, but no expert so please make own judgement. The Landeron 149 movement is signed Gallet and appears to be functioning great.  The NATO strap is old (not sure if as old as the watch?)  and fraying a bit.  

Here is a similar watch, except with a 7733 movement and slightly different hands, sold by Hodinkee for $5900 (“”

Our thoughts about the watch

Yes, it´s an Gallet case. The MH+S hands are unusual for the watch and the regatta hand seems too short. And two very unclear things: the bridge is signed as never seen on these Yachting Gallets. AND – dial is unlumed (!) as some of lonely dials that were around on eBay in the last years. With the link to the Hodinkee sold one (with right hands and movement) the seller is expected a higher price and put it back into the game? Who knows.

Well, cool watch of course but maybe this one might be a project to make it good when find good hands and put on lume and find the right Gallet movement.

Just our 2 cents, please think about it yourself and do some research if you think about to buy it. It is not the one and only truth, only the thoughts from our experiences.

pic credits: ebay