Last months we can see on ebay and social media some selling these called “NOS” Jacques Monnat with a yachting look-a-like yema subdial.

They looks quite cool and nice. But what are these watches? Look twice before buy?!

This version comes with a subdial remembering on a Yema  – at first look – but not correct with the numbers and smaller typo.

The watch seems to come from the source the 3compax Monnats did came from we saw last year. Same as these called NOS (and cases looks like NOS, kind of Aquastar style) from an old stock as far as we know and were equipped with Valjoux 7736. These 2comaxes will have a Venus inside from hear-say?!

In a forum found that: “Made up story. Mail order watches. Asian cases. Asian dials. Valjouxs from god knows where. You used to see these at watchfairs for £300, and then Hodinkee happened.” True? *1)

Hodinkee wrote about: “There is little known about the watch company Jacques Monnat – only that it was owned by Palmer Sales Corps, based in New York City. You may recognize this watch, as other brands – such as Wakmann – created a similar combination of case, dial, and movement. The Jacques Monnat combination you see here is a super cool blue chrono with vibrant dial. Powered by a manual-winding Valjoux caliber 7736 movement, this is one tough chronograph, further proving that there is more to this watch than good looks.” source: Hodinkee

There is an orange version of that watch too. Same seller on the web, seems same source too.

No idea if old and NOS is the right expression for these watches.
1. The movements may be New Old Stock, not sure, never saw one in flesh.
2. The case and dials and even the bezels looks quite newly made. And if they are new, what a good work!

Nothing known about the brand too.
All you can find is that the brand was expired in 1992 here and there is an actual address in NY of the company as owner of the brand, Palmer Sales Corp. here. * 2)

There are some nice vintage Jacques Mannet watches with yachting segment dials, here some examples:

But – all different… bezels, lumen, dials. Need to be researched too but looks at all like the 70s yachting watches comes from different brands, typical 70s.

Back to the one from the start of the post: maybe you guys should do research and a second look before spending around 2k€ (and ++!) as the last were sold for. Don´t get me wrong – if the watch is it worth to you, you should buy that of course!

Will be happy to make it clear if anybody got real informations about these watches!
Anybody knows the seller/builder in person? Where they come from?
Please contact us!

*1) source:
*2) source:


credit pics: ebay/vintage_rules from UK