Heuer Carrera Yachting

There are some wonderful Carreras with a Yachting dial. And – two different ones. Or maybe three – if we count the 1153BN, the so called Yachting.

The early Valjoux 72-Carreras: one has a blue segment to check the 5 minutes countdown and the other one got 3 segments – to check 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Could be it´ s just segment painted because it looks much better symmetrical then with 2 segments.

So, we don´ t know much about that rare birds. True seems that the most of all were built as custom order.

Heuer Carrera 2447 Yachting 1 segment

credit: Abel | heuertime.com

Only 4 pieces are known today.

Heuer Carrera 2447 Yachting 3 segment

The 3-segment Carrera Yachtings are more known, there are less then 20 pieces known till now. The dials are normally silver tone.

credit: Mika | vintageheuercarrera.com

From all till now are three of them are known changing the color of the dial to a copper tone.

The one shown here is the darkest one of them, how beautiful. And: it is for sale on the Paul & Rich auction in november 2017 in Geneva.

credit: Paul | heuerworld.com

About the serials. Sure that custom built watches doesn´t have a batch or serials next to another. You will never know when they were built.

What we know is that they count to the early Carreras with 2447 case reference.
These 2447 got serials that starts with 57xxx and ends between 92xxx-94xxx overlapping.
All above that are 2nd exec Carreras.

53xxx are the first Ed Heuer Carrera with normal case backs.
53xxx/54xxx are no T, very important Carreras and very rare especially with the different eggshell dials.
56xxx starts with hex case back, some have 57xxx.

5xxxx range should be right for 1 segment if the dial is eggshell dial.
60xxx/70xxx are the known original owner 3 segments.

Conclusion: all Carrera Yachtings are 63xxx-93xxx, not later.

Beside info: case reference 7753 for the Skipperera was built only in 1968/69, all known serials were between 105xxx-107xxx.

Heuer Carrera 1153BN “Yachting”

This unbelievable cool late Carrera with the petrol-colored dial and the orange accents on the subdial and indeces is calling “Yachting”. Not sure why and who was the first call it so. But of course one of the real nice eyecatching watches made by Heuer in the 70s.

Heuer Carrera 1153BN “Yachting”
credit: Abel | heuertime.com


Heuer Carrera 1153BN “Yachting”

Another execution is the white 1153 SN with orange markers on the subdial, the sister of the blue BN.

1153sn in bright light.


Heuer Autavia 2447C Yachting 3 segment – not a Carrera but fits in that line

Not fitting the Carrera Yachting but fits in this section only 😉

This watch got its own history, custom made from the US Headquarter of TAG Heuer with special order from the client. Read more about here.

credit: Abel