With a big bang Hodinkee brought back the Skipper to us – let´s call it the new “Skipper Date”.

From the first look – it looks cool!

But it will cost 5.900 US$ (really high price!) and it is limited to 125 pieces. A nobrainer? If you have the money – yes!

Perfect size for most of us, very nice blue dial which is very near on the original blue metall dial of the Skipperera 7754. The date – looks cool as an homage to the Carrera Date. Only one thing I do not like: the 10-20-30 register. For regatta watches we need a 5-10-15 register. OK, different yacht clubs and rules got different times to start – but all yachting watches stick on the 5-10-15 min.

credit: Hodinkee

But all in all a nice watch to wear, because water resistant. The most interesting fact. A new summer holiday watch? YES!

Interesting the point where the green of the subdials came from. A try to explain is the INTREPID deck color, and yes, it really fits.

Intrepid, winner of the America’s Cup in 1967 and 1970, at dock in Newport, RI. credit: Hodinkee

“The original Skipper 7754 is a watch you rarely see. It’s also a watch you won’t easily forget, thanks to its bold use of color: light green, dark blue, and bright orange are all present. These colors weren’t chosen just because they were eye-catching; the color palette was actually taken from the color scheme of Intrepid, as we discovered when we photographed the original Skipper 7754 and the new limited edition together on the deck of this groundbreaking yacht.”

“Intrepid was designed by the renowned Olin Stephens, who was the original designer of an astonishing six out of seven America’s Cup defenders between 1958 and 1959. Stephens incorporated a number of then-revolutionary innovations, including making the rudder separate from the keel and a more efficient sail design. An interesting historical note: the light green of the regatta timer dial matches the deck color of Intrepid, which was chosen after a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology determined this was the the color least likely to produce distracting reflections.”

Interesting and to research!


credit: Hodinkee

TAG Heuer Limited Edition Carrera Skipper for HODINKEE

– 39mm diameter
– “glassbox” crystal with double anti-reflective treatment
– modified caliber 18 with chronograph module from Dubois Depraz
– TH blue perforated leather strap + grey + orange NATOS straps incl.
– the color of dial really near on the “real one”
– lugwidth 19mm
– water resistant to 100 m
– scratch-resistant sapphire caseback
– raised, polished Heuer shield on crown
Limited to 125 pieces

Price 5.900 US$

Update: Sold out in less then 1 hour.

credit: Hodinkee

Do you like the new Skipper?

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Nice read is the interview here with Louis from Hodinkee (the man behind the “Loupe”).