So – whats going on in November 2017? There seems to be an auction that becomes more important then the Bonhams Haslinger auction in 2010:

The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection: Exceptional Heuer Chronographs from the Jack Heuer Era

“Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo, is proud to announce its first themed sale dedicated to Heuer, with The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection. This landmark thematic auction, to take place in Geneva in November 2017, will offer 49 of the finest and best-preserved collectible Heuer chronographs produced between 1962 and 1982 – known to the community as the ‘Jack Heuer Era’.”

Update 12/2017 after the auction

Whats happened at the auction?
Not really a big pricejump as expected but all in all stable and high prices were paid for the best pieces.

But strange to see the highlight was withdrawn from the auction and the Copper Yachting was offered with a different serial as known from Pauls website. What? Why? Ok, the Carrera Yachtings are known as built-on-demand watches but why the case was changed?
And in the end some of the other watches turned out as lets say “questionable” ones, parts known from different sources and were pointed in the community. 
It is sad to see these things happened.

The results of the yachting watches:
Lot 16 (58.750 CHF): Heuer Carrera Yachting copper (with different serial as known on the case, first number unreadable)
Lot 17 (32.500 CHF): Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer 2446C
Lot 18 (-): Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer 2446, screw case: whitdrawn from the auction, reason unknown
Lot 20 (32.250 CHF): Heuer Mareographe 2447

All ressults you find here:


Of course Paul Gavin ( and Richard Crossthwaite ( are well known in the Heuer community – brilliant knowledge and exceptional collections got both and many pieces we can see on the 3 books over Monaco, Autavia and Carrera.

From the 49 more than cool watches are 2 really outstanding ones:

An exceptionally rare Autavia reference 2446 “first execution” ‘Seafarer’ from 1963, retailed by Abercrombie & Fitch Co. – one of only three known examples.
estimate: CHF 25’000-35’000

credit: Paul Gavin

A highly attractive and extremely rare Carrera reference 2447S ‘Yachting’ with unique, copper effect “tropical” dial.
estimate: CHF 12’000-18’000

credit: Paul Gavin

The estimates seems low set, but on auctions you´ll never know…