Unbelievable found on eBay US – and good to know that this unique watch be in the hands of our friend Abel, who added it to his private collection.

credit: Abel

Why this watch is unique?

The dial was specialy made by order of the owner of the Flying Magazine in the early 1960´s. Heuer was an advertising customer of this magazine. The first owner of this watch ordered it “with 5 minute quadrants” because in this time he was doing a great deal of one design and offshore racing. A 3rd execution 2446 case was used to “create” this 2446 Yachting.

He assumed that it was done in the Heuer NYC facility as it only took a couple of weeks to get it.

Since the purchase of the Autavia in 1964 or 1965 the watch was on the wrist of it´s owner for about 50.000 miles over the bottom as well as around 10.000 hours flying time. Now he searched a good home for his watch because he is no longer sail or fly in the age of 81.

And please have look at the watch before Abel was doing a very smooth service to keeping the wonderful charme of the unique yachting dial Autavia in the screw caseback 2446 case that was used for the “Jochen Rindt” too.

Smooth service included: NOS glass, very slight polish, movement service, pusher and crown service.

And so the watch arrived at the workbench.

Thanks a lot to Abel, who provide all information about this little treasure.
I am sure you will enjoy this watch a very long time!