What you can do if you adore an unicorn watch you will never find? One possibility is shown here.

In this case there were some original parts: original movement and tidal disk and hands. The case is a modified from LeJour v72. Basically Heuer and Yema cases are interchangeable with bezels as well, it seems they were made by the same casemaker. (need to be researched, possible HF, but no record of later casemaker for Heuer since no stamping inside the caseback but in that period there were only few casemakers for most brands which mainly by Charles Spillman and Huguenin Freres)

In the case is drilled a hole for the tide pusher and needs a cut a slot on the movement retaining ring for the pusher clearance.

The last part -and the most important because never one was found alone- is the dial. In this case two different were made new: one in white and one in metall brush.

Nice project and thanks for all the infos to our friend T.!

Please note: the owner never let any doubt on the provenance of this watch, he always said that it´s not a genuine one. Only seen as a homage of a Seafarer because there were a movement found to use!