Always asked: how many Skipper are out there? Nobody knows exactly, but here are how many from every execution are known or seen till today.

Please – I am not sure about the real numbers, I put all in I have ever seen – without knowing the way they did through a sale or trade etc. So the real number might be slight different and smaller then displayed here. But to have a feeling, it is correct use in my eyes.

Would love to be more exact, so please help me and send your full serial and some data about your Skipper to me, complete confidential. As you can see I post with permission of the owners. I really appreciate your help, swabbies!

And: in the numbers here are not the ones I know from hearsay or rumours, that would be e.g. for the Skipperrera 10 pieces more then the 32 right now.
Here you just find the ones I am relative sure they exists from pics sent by the owner.

All in all the bad 2020 was a crazy year for Skipper, I got really a lot of new entries and popped up Skippers.

Not only the 5 Skipperreras from the last months, we actually see 27 Skipper for sale just on chrono24 (and for that prices they might lay there a longer time).

Just a very few new 15640 black ones and no new Easy Rider Skipper – still the most rare one with 12 known.

I count now around 650 Skipper over all executions. Still not too many but a nice number of cool watches that are owned by cool people 😉

updated: 18.10.2020