There are uncountable brands and watches which are nice. Here are some watches and details about it. Enjoy!

YEMA Yachtingraf Croisière 1969

YEMA Yachtingraf Croisière

YEMA Yachtingraf Croisière

Yema – a wellknown brand in France, got a eventful history with some take-over. In the 60s Yema produced 300.000 watches per year. 1963 was launched the “Superman”, a 300m water-resistant Watch for professional diver.

1966/67 was selled 400.000 Yema watches. 1968 they constructed the 200m water-resistant Yachtingraf, with Valjoux movement.

There are 6 different Yachtingraf:

  • 1966: first, very rare Yachtingraf ith Valjoux 92
  • 1966-67 Yachtingraf with Valjoux 7730
  • further developed Valjoux 7733 – all with 2 subdials till then
  • Yachtingraf with Valjoux 7734 – with date
  • 1969 comes to market the Yema Yachtingraf Croisière (with the cross over 6), equipped with Valjoux 7736
  • End 1969 / early 1979 developed the modell “Régate”, builded with a Valjoux 7733S, got a modification to shows the Regatta-Countdown with a colored code and counting numbers – like you may know from the Regate by Aquastar. These last Yachtingraf comes in 2 different sizes: the normal one (39mm) and the so-called “Jumbo” with 44 mm diameter, recognizable on the small ship in the blue circle on the dial  over 6 – sometimes called “the 7th Yachtingraf”.

Next to the Yachting Chronographs there are the well-known Car-Racing Chronographs – the Rallygraf and the Chronograph for the pilots Flygraf (1970).

milestones of YEMA

  •     1948 formation of YEMA by M. Henri Louis BELMONT
  •     1950 Introduction of the anti-shock wrist-watch
  •     1953 launch of the first water-resistent watches
  •     1956 automatic watch Sous-Marine
  •     1957 first Chronographs
  •     1960 300.000 watches per year selled
  •     1963 build the SUPERMAN, professional diver watch with 300 meters
  •     1967 the french brand with the most exports
  •     1968 launch of the YACHTINGRAF (sailing watch)
  •     1969 500.000 watches in 50 countries selled
  •     1970 market launch of RALLYGRAF and FLYGRAF
  •     1974 started with YEMA quartz
  •     1975 YEMA FAIRCHILD, diodewatch
  •     1982 Sale of the SPATIONAUTE I, weared by Jean-Loup CHRÉTIEN, first french astronaut
  •     1985 launched the SPATIONAUTE II, weared by Patrick BAUDRY (french astronaut)
  •     1986 NORTH POLE by Jean-Louis ETIENNE, worst selling watch
  •     1989 Re-edition of FLYGRAF
  •     1990 Launch of the Bipôle
  •     1997 Sale per year of 140.000 watches – CAP HORN starts
  •     2002 watches branded by Dolce&Gabanna, Nike and Breil

Memosail Regatta-Timer from the 70s



Memosail was made by the brand Memotime, founded in the 70s by Swiss watchmakers passionate by sailing. The movements to countdown the 10 and 5 minutes before a regatta starts was developed and patented by them under the sub-brand Memosail. 1992 Memotime was official sponsor of the America 3 on the America´s Cup. 2003 a new collection was launched after a take-over from the former owner CORUM to a young group of watchmakers to build watches for maritime sports with the Memotime patented calibre 883.

This watch here runs a manual-winding Valjoux 7737 and the special is a 10-minute Sailrace-Starting Counter. The Countdown runs from 10 to “Start” and then – run the race!

Near sqare case with screwed back, 41mm without crown.

There are different builds of this Memosail Timer, but all with identical movement:

same dial like this in a round case
marked V.I.P. Memosail on dial
gray hands and gray instead of white on the dial

More about it you can find here and with explaination of the modified caliber here.