In the 1960´s Breitling produced a small range of Yachting watches.

In 1966 Breitling added to the Co-Pilot (CP) series a yachting model with a 15 minute countdown subdial and a yachting bezel.


Breitling Co-Pilot 765 Yachting (1966)
credit: Rene Kesting

In 1967 the yachting model 765 Co-Pilot got a new designed handset. The little lumensticks on the regatta-subdial are good visible as the difference to the later models.


Breitling Co-Pilot 765 Yachting – orange hands (1967)
credit: Fred Mandelbaum

Interesting point are the difference of dials on this reference – first one was kind of “factory modded dial” (looks like handpainted and different lumen, lumenarrows looks inside), then there is a MK1 “mass production” dial and the later MK2 got baton hands and an triangle sweep hand. Thanks to watchfred to point that out!

Between 1967 and 1969 Breitling stopped using a separate name for these on the case and they only had a reference number. So we say goodbye to the Co-Pilot name as well.

1969 comes the 7650, larger then the 765 and brings a new yachting model: 7650.
There were two kind of bezels – first the aluminium or silver yachting bezel and later the black yachting bezel.


Breitling Co-Pilot 7650 Yachting (1969)
early silver bezel

Also somewhere in 1969 a separate ref number was given to the yachting model the referece 7660.
The silver yachting bezel was delivered with the 7560 and 7660, later the 7650 with black bezel and last the 1765 and 1765-36.


Breitling Co-Pilot 7650 Yachting (1969)
credit: noodia


Breitling Co-Pilot 7650 Yachting (1969)
credit: noodia


Breitling Co-Pilot 7650 & 765 Yachting
credit: Fred Mandelbaum

Also somewhere in 1969 a separate ref number was given to the yachting model the referece 7660.

Sometimes you find a picture with reference 1765 – thats not a correct and proofed reference for the yachtings.

The big case-series

Another line was 1969 – the Co-Pilot 7652 and 7651 and the 7661 in the big case called “fried egg”.


Breitling catalogue

The 7651 and 7661 has a Breitling 11 calibre inside working – the crown is on the left side.

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And the 7662 with Venus 178:


7662 Yachting


Breitling ad from 1969


1965 Breitling Superocean 2005 with yachting bezel
(The Superocean is a chronograph for divers and has no special yachting countdown on the dial – just the yachting bezel.)

There is just a catalogue showing an Ref. 2005 Superocean with yachting bezel. It is the later edition with the squared lumen and the “paddle” secondhand.


credit: Rene Kesting

Enjoy the gallery of the nice and rare Breitling Yachtings.

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There are open questions, maybe somebody can bring light in here.

1. Cosmograph 1810 Yachting


Breitling Chrono-matic Cosmonaute ref 1810 from 1969

And another one bought from Lars in 1996 in NYC from Tourneu Corner on Madison Ave.

A third one was found on ebay and shown from Fred on the Breitlingsource here. Fred point the production date to 1975-76.

Another was sold from Vintage Watches Milano on chrono24.

2. Superocean second generation with yachting bezel

There is no real proof or catalogue that it´s delivered with the bezel. But nobody knows as fact.


Superocean 2005 with yachting bezel
credit: woodwkr2 on


Breitling Brochure about the Superocean 2005 later version

Special thanks for text and pictures: Rene Kesting (Dracha), Fred Mandelbaum and Laurent (noodia)!
Rene launched a shop where you can find some Breitling Yachtings too! (03-2015)

To be continued… we need some more pictures of the big case yachtings!