Hodinkee Skipper – interview with Louis Westphalen to get some more details

The new Skipper Limited Edition from TAG Heuer and Hodinkee – some more informations from an interview with Louis Westphalen from Hodinkee, the project man behind this Skipper.

Story short again:

It was the 21 of June 2017, the message runs through the world like a flash – in the break in the middle of a Christies auction with some nice Heuer watches that many members of the watchfamily followed.

What was it? A new Skipper as hommage of the Heuer Skipper 7754 aka „Skipperera“ was offered for 5.900 US$ from Hodinkee.com.
All the facts about the watch you can download here the original press release.

It was very surprising, especially after the words „We´ve moved away from yachting.“ from the French Headquarter in Paris they said to a friend. And we heard Mr. Biver said after the Hodinkee Skipper launch, that no further plans exists. But ok, if money can be earned, it may turn this.

There are some details that might be interesting for you we found out in a talk with Louis Westphalen, the project leader for the Limited Edition Skipper for Hodinkee.

Beautiful pic of an outstanding collection

credit: thien_chrobar

What we have here?

Heuer Regatta – Heuer Skipper 7764 – Lemania Regatta – Hodinkee Skipper Date

Yema Yachtingraf 7730 – Heuer Skipper 15640 black late – Yema Yachtingraf Regate jumbo “straight lugs”

Gallet Yachting – Gallet Yachting black

Crazy collection that is not easy to bring together. Congrats on this colorful and rare collection!

See more pics here!

The Skipperera returns. As a sibling: Skipper Date.

credit: Louis

With a big bang Hodinkee brought back the Skipper to us – let´s call it the new “Skipper Date”.

From the first look – it looks cool!

But it will cost 5.900 US$ (really high price!) and it is limited to 125 pieces. A nobrainer? If you have the money – yes!

Two unbelievable rare Heuer Yachting watches are on auction in November 2017

So – whats going on in November 2017? There seems to be an auction that becomes more important then the Bonhams Haslinger auction in 2010:

The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection: Exceptional Heuer Chronographs from the Jack Heuer Era

“Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo, is proud to announce its first themed sale dedicated to Heuer, with The Crosthwaite & Gavin Collection. This landmark thematic auction, to take place in Geneva in November 2017, will offer 49 of the finest and best-preserved collectible Heuer chronographs produced between 1962 and 1982 – known to the community as the ‘Jack Heuer Era’.”

Of course Paul Gavin (www.heuerworld.com) and Richard Crossthwaite (www.heuermonaco.co.uk) are well known in the Heuer community – brilliant knowledge and exceptional collections got both and many pieces we can see on the 3 books over Monaco, Autavia and Carrera.

From the 49 more than cool watches are 2 really outstanding ones:

An exceptionally rare Autavia reference 2446 “first execution” ‘Seafarer’ from 1963, retailed by Abercrombie & Fitch Co. – one of only three known examples.
estimate: CHF 25’000-35’000

credit: Paul Gavin

est. value of the one of three 2446 screw case Seafarer

View Results

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A highly attractive and extremely rare Carrera reference 2447S ‘Yachting’ with unique, copper effect “tropical” dial.
estimate: CHF 12’000-18’000

credit: Paul Gavin

The estimates seems low set, but on auctions you´ll never know…

Update 12/2017

Whats happened at the auction? Not really a big pricejump as expected but all in all stable and high prices were paid for the best pieces.

The results of the yachting watches:
Lot 16 (58.750 CHF): Heuer Carrera Yachting copper
Lot 17 (32.500 CHF): Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer 2446C
Lot 18 (-): Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer 2446, screw case: whitdrawn from the auction
Lot 20 (32.250 CHF): Heuer Mareographe 2447

All ressults you find here: https://www.phillips.com/auctions/auction/CH080317

Carrera Book is ready to buy!

credit: @heuervintage and @heuerworld on IG (Rich & Paul)

credit: @heuervintage and @heuerworld on IG (Rich & Paul)

The authors of the Heuer Autavia and Heuer Monaco books – Richard Crosthwaite and Paul Gavin- launched the new book covering the Heuer Carreras.

Of course you will find most beautiful pictures of the Skipperrera “white second hand” and the “copperdial” Heuer Carrera Yachting made by Paul.

You can buy that book here: HEUER CARRERA BOOK

Yema Yachtingraf

Wonderful Yachting Regattawatches made in France: Yema Yachtingraf.
Made in the 60s. 7 different types, some types with different dials and cases or/and casebacks.
Not sure about the serial ranges, some stuff is not systematic.

But lets try to categorize them. Here you find a start. Next will come the serial overview. Please send me a pic from front and back of your Yachtingraf to help the research!

The story continues… finding a new “first” 7764 Skipper

What 7764 is that? Let´s find out step by step.

Another Skipper 7764 with great provenience!


After long time not seeing another discovered Skipper in the Autavia compressor case now another one popped up. The Skipper worked hard on Regattas but is still in good shape – the engraving on the case back is still visible and the bezel just got some minor scratches!
And our friend Manuel took the chance to catch this gem.

Aquastar Heuer Regate INTREPID


Found this till now unique watch is a step to history. It´s breathing history. Because that seems one of the first regatta wrist watches Heuer were selling, starting middle of the 1960s.

Heuer Autavia 2446 Yachting from 1964

Unbelievable found on eBay US – and good to know that this unique watch be in the hands of our friend Abel, who added it to his private collection.

Why this watch is unique?

The dial was specialy made by order of the owner of the Flying Magazine in the early 1960´s. Heuer was an advertising customer of this magazine. The first owner of this watch ordered it “with 5 minute quadrants” because in this time he was doing a great deal of one design and offshore racing. A 3rd execution 2446 case was used to “create” this 2446 Yachting.

He assumed that it was done in the Heuer NYC facility as it only took a couple of weeks to get it.

Since the purchase of the Autavia in 1964 or 1965 the watch was on the wrist of it´s owner for about 50.000 miles over the bottom as well as around 10.000 hours flying time. Now he searched a good home for his watch because he is no longer sail or fly in the age of 81.

And please have look at the watch before Abel was doing a very smooth service to keeping the wonderful charme of the unique yachting dial Autavia in the screw caseback 2446 case that was used for the “Jochen Rindt” too.

Smooth service included: NOS glass, very slight polish, movement service, pusher and crown service.

And so the watch arrived at the workbench.

Thanks a lot to Abel, who provide all information about this little treasure.
I am sure you will enjoy this watch a very long time!

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