The real “Skipper Skipper”!

Let´s introduce a Heuer Skipper 7764 in an Autavia compressor case with “normal” hands and with a serial that fits perfect in the line – and it is the most early one.

It is not only the very early serial that makes this Skipper really fantastic – it is the story behind this toolwatch.


Complete set was kept for 44 years

JMG Hors l’eau j’erre – a great Collection of Yachting Watches (Vintage and New)

There are not so many Yachting Watch Maniacs in the world – but there is a nice network between them.

It is a pleasure to present the beautiful collection of JMG Hors l’eau j’erre, a forum buddy from the Montres Mécaniques Forum from France.


It needs a couple of years to collect this masterpieces of Yachting Watches, some never seen before and ultra rare and some are definitly the basics of a Yachting Collection.

Click here to see the whole collection!

Some words to the movements and editions as far as known. Next to be added some backgrounds, advertisments, catalog-scans, text and pictures to the single yachting watches.

Enjoy and thanks to Jean-Marie!

Heuer Collector Summit 2013: the Skipper Gains

Found another Skipper with unusual case at Heuer Factory Archive!

During the Heuer Collector Summit in La Chaux-de-Fonds we were given the opportunity to have a closer look at some vintage heuer watches from the Tag Heuer archive and I was amazed to find a never seen manual-winding Skipper 73464. This Skipper was not cased with the usually 7736 case (the case reference 73463), seems to be a 1564 case.  Note the difference at the pushers and cut out. In addition to that the countdown register marking are different. I can only assume that it is a prototype or a very early production piece.

the difference on the dial? the colors of the regatta subdial!

So – what is a Heuer Skipper?

skipper_15640_400This site will collect and show the facts of the HEUER Skipper – the yachting wrist chronograph made by Heuer from the late 1960s to the early 1980s in various configurations (and some more yachting watches).

The special function on this watche is  the regatta-timer, a subdial which shows the countdown of 15 minutes the sailors have  before they cross the starting line of a regatta.

After labeling the Aquastar Regate 4000N with the Heuershield in the middle of the 1960s the real first regatta timer as a wristwatch produced by HEUER was given the name  Heuer Skipper. It was housed in the 1960’s Carrera case reference 7753.  All further executions were housed in the Autavia cases and included the case reference 7763 Compressor case (Skipper 7764), 73463 (Skipper 73464), 1163V/1564 (Skipper 1564), 15640/11630 (Skipper 15640 blue and later black dial) and 11063 (Skipper 15640 black late). It is worth knowing that the Skipper reference codes were uniqe and did not correspond to the case reference number eg the first automatic Skipper reference 1564 was housed in a 1163V engraved case.

I have complied a list of details of the different  models of the Skipper available here. Please feel free to contact me if you have different views or you can add further informations.

Please be patient – this is a work in progress and it needs time to put all the information on a website – so be sticky because the website will be updated every time with new discoveries.

Read more about the history and the series of Yachting and Tide Watches from Heuer… there are Heuer Solunar – Heuer Mareographe – Abercrombie & Fitch Seafarer – Heuer Yachting Timer – Heuer Skipper – Heuer Carrera Yachting and the late Heuer Regatta!

The Skipper “blue series” (almost completed…)

My collection has grown with time and patience with examples comming from Italy, France and Germany. But thats another story… At first: a big thank you to the community of OnTheDash, where I found many friends, information about these beauties and help finding good examples.

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