Skipper-Owner click here!

Dear Skipper-Owner!

If you like, you can send me some information about your Skipper here. I try to find out all about the production and selling of HEUER SKIPPER around the world.

Please help with sending your data to me – I promised the use of Serials and Prices absolut anonym without your adress (you don´t need to fill out the adress or something else)! Feel free to send just that info you want to share. If you got questions – give me an info too!

Pictures of your Skipper please send on skipper (at) with a named credit or none.


Every information is welcome. If you like, please send some informations you want to share. No requirements. We don´t use your data for any other things! Guaranteed!

Which Skipper you have?

Please put in the serial.
We not publish that full but need for the research. You´ll find that mostly between the lugs under 6.

What reference is stamped in the case?
You´ll find that number on the case between the lugs above, mostly.

If you got a 7764 (congrats for that! 😉 ) - what kind of Stopsecond is on your Skipper?

Please check your register on the countdown-subdial here.

Please put in the price you´ve paid. Doesn´t need to be exact and just needed to track the values for research, no publishing!

Looking for details like how many Skipper you know, where they are located etc and any idea for the page too! Thanks!

Just jpg and jpeg please!
Not bigger then 3 MegaBytes!

Yes, you are permitted to put my data on this website!