Ahoy, dear Skipper-Owner!

Research needs data to find out facts - as you easy can see on this website.

So please help! As more data I have as more I can give back on information about our loved Skipper.

Please send the full serial  to find out more about batches and production cycles and please share all stories about the watch you have.

If you got questions – give me an info too!

Pictures of your Skipper please send on henrik (at) heuerchrono.com with a named credit or none. Or just put in the form here.

Cheers and ahoy!

Every information is welcome. If you like, please send some informations you want to share. No requirements. We don´t use your data for any other things! Guaranteed!

Please put in the serial. We not publish that full but need for the research. You´ll find that normally between the lugs under 6.

If the serial doesn´t have 6 numbers (not readable, just not 6 or more numbers etc) please use the text field.

The Case Reference you will find on the opposite side between the lugs.

Please let me know how did you find the watch, has the watch a story to tell? What price you had paid? Why you like it or why you will sell it? Thanks for all details!

Yes, you are permitted to put my data on this website! Sounds cool - of course!