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Another Skipper 7764 with great provenience!


After long time not seeing another discovered Skipper in the Autavia compressor case now another one popped up. The Skipper worked hard on Regattas but is still in good shape – the engraving on the case back is still visible and the bezel just got some minor scratches!
And our friend Manuel took the chance to catch this gem.

Discovering Number 5 of the 73464 late species

If your read the post of “Three in a row is a series” you would love to see the new discovery. As a next proof I meet the Number 5 of the late execution cases Skipper 73464.

Please remember: outcut of the pusher and different color arrangement of the regatta register – and the serial fits perfect in the group of serials of the late executions!

Hope you enjoy the pics and big thanks to the owner for the nice pics!

Update 04/2015
There were 2 other ones on the market last weeks… very used. But Nr. 6 and Nr. 7 exists! Please send some informations if you are the happy user!

Update 11/2016
We count know 12 pieces of this execution of Skipper. Isn´t that great?

The real “Skipper Skipper”!

Let´s introduce a Heuer Skipper 7764 in an Autavia compressor case with “normal” hands and with a serial that fits perfect in the line – and it is the most early one.

It is not only the very early serial that makes this Skipper really fantastic – it is the story behind this toolwatch.


Complete set was kept for 44 years

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