HABRING²  – a young couple, Maria and Richard Habring, started a watchmaker business in 2003 in Austria. Maria was born near Dresden and they met in the Glashütte Watch Valley as Richard works for Lange Watches. The brand was named HABRING² in 2004 and since then they produced many nice watches in very limited number of pieces.

credit: habring2.com

Habrings build first 2 prototypes for TNG (dutch brand made yachting watches) in 2004.

“In 2004 the Austrian watchmaker Richard Habring (Habring Uhrentechnik OG) was asked by Tack & Gybe to investigate the possibilities of developing an automatic version of the Tornado, based on a ETA/Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement. The same caliber that was used before by both Atlantic, Eberhard, Memosail and Wyler Vetta in the 1980’s for their Regatta Yachttimers. As the regatta caliber 7757 was no longer available since 1988, Habring had to reproduce it on CAD starting again with the 7750 first. Doing so, two prototypes were made. One similar to the previous quartz version and one with an unusual extra 60-minutes counter hand from the center. Both prototypes were shown by Habring at the Basel watchfair 2004.” credit: Mark (regatta-yachttimers.com)

In 2007-2010 the Habrings made the Habring² ChronoSport Nautic with some Valjoux 7737 movements they had for their man in Philadelphia – Martin Pulli. 3 pieces are made as Martin approved. He is the salesforce for Habring² in the USA and he did many projects with Habring² and some other nice brands.

With a casesize of 42mm and that mesmerizing blue dial, the cutoff for the Countdown as we know it from the Memosails, which gave some ideas to the watch. Inside is a Valjoux 7737 (manual winding) ticking, which we know from the Memosail Chronographs.

Habring2 Nautic, credit: Martin Pulli

The Valjoux 7737 is based on the Valjoux 7733/7734 with a modified countdown (wheels and disc). its 14″, 18.000A/h, 17 jewels and got a 45hrs powerreserve.

The modification parts you can see here:

Valjoux 7737 modification parts, credit: regatta-yachttimers.com

Some more informations about that project watch will follow.


thanks to Martin Pulli, what a gentle guy! https://www.martinpulli.com for his knowledge
thanks to Mark, regatta-yachttimers.com