How amazing is that discovery made by Cenic Watches?

A printing tool for printing Logos and lines on dials for Heuer.

It seems that the Heuershield, A&F, Meister, Gübelin and Sternzeit Reguliert were printed in the Heuer factory on demand, 40 cliches came with the tool, mostly all that Heuer ever used.

How crazy! So whats new?

Printing dials for Meister etc and also just plain Heuershield or Abercrombie & Fitch in the Heuer factory with an own tool might explain, why not all special branded dials like MEISTER or Abercrombie & Fitch are in a continous order of serials. And why they excist in minimal batches. Mostly we thought – ok, if the dial maker made dials, it makes no sense doing less then 100 or 200 or 250. Nope! Heuer just can had made 10 or 15 dials for a special watch by ourself.

And it might explain why some typo are different – ok, in the 50s-70s were no automatic printing machines for dials, right? But I was surpised that Heuer did it ourselves.

Of course it isn´t sure that all dials are printed inhouse, so I don´t remember seeing dials without logo.

Please let me know your opionions, just write a mail.


Here Nicolas shows the tool and some of the cliches that comes with the tool. Amazing!


Thanks to Nicolas from Cenic watches to show that great find and to keep it away from misusing hands! It has to be in a museum of course – and Nicolas will open one soon. Follow him on instagram!