Candino is a small brand established in 1947 from Adolf Flury-Hug in Herbetswil, (Solothurn, Switzerland). Today Candino is part of the Festina Group (Festina, Lotus, Jaguar, Candino, Calypso). Today it´s more a fashion watch brand.


The big time in history for Candino was in the late 60´s when they construct a large factory with assembly line for automatic watches and have a sales office at Biel-Bienne.

Candino build in the 1970´s a nice Yachting Chronographe with very nice cases and a fancy bubble-second-hand!

Candino Yachting

Different bezels, dial color and subdials – and hands you can find too.


Candino with black dial, yellow bubble hand and red triangle bezel
credit: JMG Hors l’eau j’erre


Divergrafic on the back
credit: JMG Hors l’eau j’erre


Candino Yachting



Not only yachting:
other case and subdial and pulsations inner bezel


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