There are very small information about this 1960´s Seaboard-Yacht Chronographs – it seems that is a series of three editions produced with standard movements from Landeron and Valjoux – same logo, same typo but the last one have a hyphen between Seaboard and Yacht.
Straight lugs on the first ones, curved aka twisted lugs on the last edition.

There were found 2 siblings, branded with Dugena and Kelek.

Let´s try to classify the Seaboard Yacht Chronographs.

Seaboard-Yacht Editions 1st: dauphin hands - Landeron 152 | 2nd hatched subdial - Landeron 248 | 3rd dark dial - Valjoux 7733

Seaboard-Yacht Editions
1st: dauphin hands – Landeron 152 | 2nd hatched subdial – Landeron 248 | 3rd dark dial – Valjoux 7733

1st Execution

– dauphin hands
– white dial with silvered baton markers and
– 30 min yachting style registered subdial
– Inside runs a Landeron 152 with 17 jewels

2nd Execution

– stick hands and red centre seconds
– white-blue-red hatching 2 x 15 min regatta register subdial
– same silvered baton markers on the dial as 1st editio
– running by a Landeron 248 movement, Swiss 17 jewel marked J-R Gorgerat (more about here)
– 37mm

Seaboard Yacht 2nd Edition 2nd hatched subdial - Landeron 248

Seaboard Yacht 2nd Edition
2nd hatched subdial – Landeron 248

3rd Execution “bright dial”



Seaboard Yacht 3rd Edition “silver dial” execution
colored subdial – Landeron 248

I found another execution of the 2nd edition Seaboard-Yacht with some small differences on the dial:

– silver dial
– with outlined drawed logo
– colored subdial (not hatched)


Seaboard Yacht 3rd Edition “silver dial”
detail outlined logo


Seaboard Yacht 3rd Edition “silver dial”
detail colored subdial

Another great yachting watch, first one we have ever seen and with unclear history of the production and sales company.

4th Execution

– dark dial
– nice horns (twisted lugs) like a Speedmaster or an early Carrera
– stick hands
– bubble stopsecond
– yachting countdown 15 minute registered subdial
– inside works a Valjoux 7733 movement
– 37-38mm

This one could be the latest edition of the Seaboard-Yacht Chronographs.


Seaboard-Yacht 3rd Edition
dark dial – Valjoux 7733

More information needed!
There are nearly nothing to find in the deep internet – only these advertisment teasering the 2nd edition:


Advertisment for the 2nd edition

And end of 2014 JMG Hors l’eau j’erre@MM found this nice one with box and description on eBay!


Seaboard Yacht 2nd edition 1st execution
credit: JMG Hors l’eau j’erre@MM

First question is – who is the ” leading Swiss watchmaker” that produced this nice watch? Maybe Kelek just for the 2nd execution with the branded bridge? Maybe Freres was the case producer if you look on the case and pusher…

Opening the watches to search for some marks brought no results. The story is to be continued, there is some research to do.

New informations from an advertisement

Thanks to JMG for sending the scans of the flyers that comes with the Seaboard from eBay.



From that is now clear, that the watch was produced for a Sailboat Gear Manufacturer and Distributor named SEABOARD MARINE SUPPLY CO., INC from 214 Montauk Highway, Islip, N.Y. 11751. This company was wellknown for his sailblock named TUPHblox. Found the advertisment from the company in a Sailing Magazine called Snipe Bulletin from 1962.


Snipe Bulletin 1962

Other brands with the Seaboard-Yacht dial layout

1. KELEK Yachting “Champ. Europe 5.5 JI, Neuchatel 1968”

There was found a very nice sibling from the 2nd execution, maybe the one of the “master” to the production of the Seaboard-Yachts executions with that dial.
Subdial is taken from the 1st, case is plated with steel case back.


Interesting fact is the typo on the dial: “Champ. Europe 5.5 JI, Neuchatel 1968”

The 5.5 class is a special boating class developed by Jussi Gullichsen, a sailing champion from Finland

More about the race of 1968 on the lake if Neuchatel you find here:

part 1
part 2

The KELEK also came without the Regatta name on the dial. Thanks to @chrononic for finding and showing it!


The nearly same sibling from the 2nd execution – but with unsigned bridge of the Landeron 248 movement. Subdial taken from 1st exec too.


3. Vivata

Another dial with a more unknown brand popped up in Austria (watch was sold to Germany in 2017), seems same as Kelek and Dugena with just the brand Vivata.
The brand name ‘Vivata’ was used by Galli in Zurich (as you can see on Mikrolisk). Seem it was just a trading brand and no own watchmaking.

Vivata branded Seaboard-Yacht
credit: time-less1

4. Hudson´s

And another brand popped up, same hands, case, dial but branded wih HUDSON´S. Inside ticks a Landeron 248 so it is another 2nd exec sibling with 1st exec subdial.

First research points on this Hudson´s but possible is that one here too. Definitely needs more research!

credit: ebay

5. Elvia

Latest found is the Elvia branded Seaboard-Yacht.

credit: Horare

6. Korting

And another branded dial popped up last on the web – named with Korting.

credit: ebay



Thanks for the material and pictures to JMG Hors l’eau j’erre@MM, Mark and a big thank to Craig! Thanks to Alex too for the informations of the Dugena and Nic for the pics of the Kelek.

So if you know or better: own a Seaboard-Yacht and have some additional material, please don´t wait to give us a message here.

Jean-Raoul Gorgerat & Kelek
– Société Jean-Raoul-Gorgerat Kelek SA founded 1960 in LCdF (La Cheaux de Fonds, Switzerland)
– produced modules for Breitling and finishing and modifying Breitling’s ETA/Valjoux/other base movements to high standards
– known for the Calibre Valjoux 7733