Well well well… whats up with the “market”? Whats up with the Skipperprices?

Whats on the market…. 15 pieces on chrono24 last week: 2x 1564 | 2x 73462 1st | 73462 2nd | 8 black 15640 (6 blacklate) – and too crazy prices Skipperreras.


It shows the “standard market” – the most known are the 11063 case black late Skipper, there are popping up some nice mint pieces from time to time. The 1564 and early blacks are normally hard to find, they show up in waves like the Skipperreras. We seen more then 10 years not a simple one and then in one year you can find 5 pieces. To see 2 of these rare birds is outstanding, but with these prices they stand a long time there. One of them showed up in January this year, so you see, that this price is not made for sell this watch.

The other prices are – as mostly on chrono24 – also too high for sell the watch. 6-9k for a black Skipper, 16k for a 73464 1st? No idea how that valuation was done.

Other places shows the real prices, so we saw 2 Skipper on the munich watch fair these weekend – one 15640 blue in bad shape with a wrong regattahand from a known dealer who don´t care about and one really loveley 15640 blue with perfect case (might be refurbished) and perfect dial and serial for – 5kEUR, not tried to negotiate but hey, thats a good price for one in that condition!

The last 73464 1st execs I know sold for around 6kEUR – and these are the most searched for ones of the Autavia later case Skipper. 7764? very long time not seen a single one, normally 2-3 popping up per year, so the price is not clear. Might not be the 20-22kEUR from 2020/2021 we have seen but the last one was sold last year in near perfect condition for 16.5kEUR without GF, so you got a number.

You have seen some Skippers on the market? Please let me know, I try to follow the track on it!