There are some brands seems to used the same dials , hands and cases in the early 70´s: Candino, BME, Elgin etc.

Another brand you can find is Aero Neuchatel.

Case looks very similar to the Candino, the hands are “UG style” (UG = Universal Geneve) and of course – got a bubble sweep second!

Brand name of Aero Neuchatel is owned by Aerowatch S.A., first registered in 1973. The company itself exists since 1910 and has produced pocket watches, owned by the Creviusuer family before sold to Denis Bolzi in 2001. 2005 they produced a new range of wristwatches under the brand “Aerowatch” and the production leave Neuchatel and went to Signelegier in 2008.


Candino Chronograph with blue dial

Different bezels, dial color and subdials – and hands you can find too.


Candino with black dial, yellow bubble hand and red triangle bezel
credit: JMG Hors l’eau j’erre


Divergrafic on the back
credit: JMG Hors l’eau j’erre


Candino Yachting



Not only yachting:
other case and subdial and pulsations inner bezel


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