Sabina Yachting

Sabina with yachting dial and bezel – hard to find but not on everymans list there are these nice Valjoux 7733 powered watches. There are known 2 main executions till today, first one with outlined regatta subdial and the other one with full painted areas on the subdial for 5 and 10 minutes regatta starting time.

Not sure is why and when the Logo was changed. The bezels are the same and the dial layout with the painted hour markers shows the family.

Sabina Yachting 420 class

SABINA Yachting

As far we can find Sabina is a trading brand of the company Paul-Virgile Mathez (est 1919) from Tramelan, Switzerland. In 2004, Mr. Gurdeep Singh Kundan acquired the trade marks Vilor and Magalex from retiring Fred Virgile Mathez, whose forefather Paul Virgile Mather established the eponymous Paul-Virgile Mathez SA company in Tramelan, Switzerland, in 1888.

And with changed name SABENA instead of SABINA.

SABENA Yachting


Hope to find out more about the brand and maybe we discover more yachting watches made by Sabina.

Source of company details: Mikrolisk

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