My collection has grown with time and patience with examples comming from Italy, France and Germany. But thats another story… At first: a big thank you to the community of OnTheDash, where I found many friends, information about these beauties and help finding good examples.

Why almost completed? One blue-faced Skipper is missing and it could be that I will never get a chance to get one – the Skipperera. This is the first exeution Skipper housed in the 2447 Carrera case. During my research I found a handfull of collectors that own one. So – this is the grail I am searching for.

Here is my story which may be interesting for watch collectors and those new to the hobby and may even help you so you do not make some of the same mistakes that I have made.

Long story short: It starts with a thread in a watch forum and I was interested in some old Omegas and their caliber. Somebody shows his collection of Omega and Heuer – and the interest for Heuer vintage watches started.

Then I read a lot about the Heuer watches and their history eventually discovering the Skipper – at this point I knew I had to have one.

Sadly, it started with a big mistake. After some months of searching I bought one that seemed cheap at the time from Chronotrader (the trading platform of OTD). In the confidence inspired by the great community I was taken in by an unfair dealer who sold me a lemon. My first mistake and hopefully my last. Mark my words: only trust people you know and that does not include everyone in a commnity. I have since found out that the dealer has a reputation for selling parts watches with wrong hands, wrong bezel and wrong movementparts. So it become my first project, a  Skipper 15640 restoration. The case and the dial were ok. I found NOS hands, the missing special minutewheel for the modified calibre 15 movement required for the Skipper and a NOS Bezel and the watch was complete.

My next purchases were great examples from trustworthy enthusiasts. I learnt my lesson and took the time to study examples offered with pictures from a safe source. I asked more questions and did my research before sending the money. I suggest you do the same and if you are buying a Skipper I am sure you will find all you need to know on this specialist site to buy with confidence.

Here are some other useful links to further information information that will help you to find out, if all ok with your purchase and to read tons of stuff about the Heuer watches.

And just let me give one and the most important thing:
be patient to find your grail, doublecheck all parts with a safe source and ask honest people who have experience and knowledge!