8 hours to go and this amazing Seafarer is on 75k US$ plus premium on the actual Sothebys auction you can find here.

Update: this amazing watch is sold for 94,5k US$ (79k€) plus premium! Dang! One of the crazy value auctions we have seen, the highest value of the 2446 first exec Autavia with full lumen hands is not reached but this auction plays in the highest league so far. 

Congrats to the new owner! Enjoy and WEAR it! (if it´s not bought for the TH museum…)

credit: Sotheby´s

Reasons for this amazing value?

1. It´s a rare one: only 5-6 are known till now!

2. The condition: amazing. Watch is from the family of the orignal owner, the condition is really good and the dial is aged to a very beautiful color.

3. It´s a Sothebys Auction.

Lets see how high it will end, can be easy 100kUS$ plus premium or more. Congrats to the new Owner in advance, he or she will only need one watch to let a group of Heueristi go bananas when meet them on a gtg  😉

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