There are two opinions in handle a rough weared vintage watch – leave it as it is: full weared with broken glass, round smoothed edges on the case and crumbled lumen on the hands and dial or do a full case refurbish and some cosmetical operations with care to fix the state and have a well looking vintage watch. Of course that depends on the condition and the own demand.

You always want to see how an Autavia case looks during the refurbishing? Here we go…

Here is a Heuer Skipper black (early) edition in a 11630 case that was in a heart-melting state. Case with round edges – maybe polished maybe just heavy weared and wrong pushers, glass broken, some lumen crumbled from the hands and – it doesn´t run. That patient is on good health for 40 years on a wrist but it needs a rehab!

After a lazy holiday on the beautifarm of our friend and wellknown belgian magician and master Abel the real beauty was worked out.

Now with the right shoes on the watch it is a beatin´ daily rocker – the rare Heuer Skipper 15640 with the black glossy dial in a 11630 case with the right sunburst and razorsharp edges – I like it!

Thanks a lot to Abel for the amazing work and the pics! You find him here, you need to be very patient to get a service schedule (up to two years I heard) but it´s worth to wait if he accept your watch to service 😉