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The Skipperrera

The very first Skipper.

Carrera 7753 case.
Built only in 1968.


Autavia Skipper

The coolest Skipper.

Autavia 7763 compressor case.
Built only in 1969.

73464 1st

Manual Skipper

Dial beauty Skipper.

Manual wind, plexi,
wonderful blue.

73464 2nd

Manual Skipper

Another case.

different case and
different order of colors
on countdown


The Automatic Skipper

Cal15, plexi.

1563 case

15640 blue

The Mineral Glass Skipper


15630 case
mineral glass

15640 black

The Black Skipper

black dial.

15630 case
mineral glass
black gilt dial

black late

The Late Black Skipper

black dial.

15063 case
bezel inner ring
mineral glass
black gilt dial

Easy-Rider 1st

The Leonidas Skipper


fibreglass case
EB 8420 modified mvt.

Easy-Rider 2nd

The Leonidas Skipper


white-blue-red regatta register
fibreglass case
EB 8420 modified mvt.

The most rare Skipper?

Always asked: how many Skipper are out there? Nobody knows exactly, but here are how many from every execution are known till now. updated: 29.03.2018

Kelek – the other Seaboard Yacht

As known from the site about the Seaboard-Yacht series there is the Kelek with the labeled dial “Champ Europe 5.5 JI Neuchatel 1968”. This one above was found in Switzerland. Last week there was another one auctioned in UK and fortunately with a nice story behind, you can read here. Update 12/2017 of finding another one – but thats not really good news… […]

Another nice collection of yachting watches

There is another cool guy being influenced 😉 Well done, mate! Love all of them, the Carrera 1153 SN is one of the most rare and nice of the later Carreras. credit: @livelargelivefast Check out some more from the collection here!

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